Breaking into the Gaming Industry

Alex Moran always had a passion for entertainment, so it wasn’t a surprise when he found himself running haunted attractions to benefit local charities on the East Coast. But his interests took a turn when he discovered the world of gaming, which he felt encompassed everything he loved about books, films, and interactive media.

However, Moran found that breaking into the gaming industry was challenging, and many of his peers felt the same way. With a desire to help aspiring game developers, Moran and a group of his peers from the University of Utah Entertainment Arts & Engineering program decided to start a nonprofit organization to provide entry-level experience to students before they enter the industry.

The process of starting and growing the organization wasn’t easy, but Moran and his team were determined to make it work. They focused on creating a community-driven environment where students could work on team-based projects and develop their skills in a supportive environment.

The organization quickly became a big part of the university community, with about 10% of the total games program students participating in their projects. Moran and his team also hosted various activities to bring together students from different majors and foster an entrepreneurial spirit in the community.

Ultimately, Moran’s goal is to establish a lasting impact on the local community and provide a unique resource for aspiring game developers. He wants his organization to continue to support and empower students for years to come.

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