Cardiac Cath Cam, Bench-to-Bedside, University of Utah

Cardiac Cath Cam Wins 2017 Bench-to-Bedside Competition

The University of Utah’s Bench-to-Bedside (B2B) competition isn’t about finding ways to do things a little bit better than we do them now — it’s about looking at problems from completely different angles and discovering completely new solutions. The competition is sponsored by Zions Bank.

That was the message shared by John Langell, MD, Phd, MBA, MPH, executive director of the U of U Center for Medical Innovation on April 3 at the Utah State Capitol, just before he awarded nearly $80,000 in cash prizes to teams of student-innovators who, six months ago and with just $500 in their pockets, set out to create medical devices intended to transform the way health care is delivered both in the developing world and at home.

More than 30 teams of medical, engineering and business students showcased their inventions at the program’s culminating event, and 14 walked away with cash prizes, which students will use in their efforts to take their products to the next level.

Cardiac Cath Cam

Cardiac Cath Cam

The $15,000 grand prize went to Cardiac Cath Cam, which provides direct, real-time visualization inside the heart “in order to facilitate easier crossing of the septum.” Team members include Ali Eisenbeiss, Trent Parry, Kellen Hilton, Alex Gerber and Ashley Langell.

The two runner-up prizes — $10,000 apiece — went to Anesthetic Gas Reflector and XenoSpec.

Now in its seventh year, B2B has mentored 820 participants on 176 teams that have invented 180 medical devices, filed 117 patents and launched 38 companies.

Learn more about the program at the B2B website.

2018 Bench-to-Bedside Winners

  • Grand Prize: Cardiac Cath Cam, $15,000
  • Runner-Up: Anesthetic Gas Reflector, $10,000
  • Runner-Up: XenoSpec, $10,000
  • Best “Green”: Internalock, $5,000
  • Ensign College Global Health Innovation award: VIAKit, $5,000
  • John Noorda Consumers’ Choice award: SHERO, $5,000
  • Best in Entertainment Arts and Engineering: MoodPal, $5,000
  • Best in Business: EZ Heme, $5,000
  • Best in Engineering, Meshr, $5,000
  • Best Medical Innovation: EMJ Medical, $5,000
  • Libraries Innovation award: Ultrasound Impact Protector, $2,000
  • Legacy Award: FinBlade, $2,500
  • Legacy Award: BioMime-Mech Leech, $2,500
  • Best Young Entrepreneur: ColoClean, Rowland Hall students, $500

Descriptions for Top 3 Teams

“Physicians have no direct visualization of the septum when performing trans-septal cardiac catheterization procedures. Cardiac Cath Cam provides direct, real-time visualization inside the heart in order to facilitate easier crossing of the septum. Cardiac Cath Cam improves accuracy in identifying and crossing the septum, reducing operating room time and the overall cost of procedures.” — Cardiac Cath Cam

“Gases used in general anesthesia are exhaled by the patient at nearly the same rate as they are inhaled. Our device uses the absorption properties of activated charcoal to absorb these gases and release them back to the patient, reducing the amount of anesthetic needed in a surgical case by up to 90%.” — Anesthetic Gas Reflector

“There is a need for a new speculum that facilitates effective gynecologic care and reduces both physical and psychological discomfort for patients during examination. The XenoSpec is a vaginal speculum used in conjunction with the Xenoscope to enable clinicians to provide health exams to female patients in a comfortable, informative fashion.” — XenoSpec

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