From Lassonde to Genentech

Not all students working at the Lassonde Entrepreneur Institute become serial entrepreneurs. Some develop valuable skills that they apply to many other industries and professions. Katherine Aiello is one of these students. Aiello participated in the Pierre and Claudette Lassonde New Venture Development Center in 2016-17, while pursuing a Ph.D. in bioengineering at the University of […]

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Should You Kill Your Idea?

Success doesn’t happen overnight. In fact, many of the highly successful business enterprises rose from previous, repetitive failures. So, how can you handle failure most effectively to increase your chances of success in your next business venture? The secret, according to Tim Cooley, CEO of gamification company Random Breakfast, is to kill your idea. We […]

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For some entrepreneurs, taking an unexpected opportunity all the way really pays off. is an online platform created by Brandon Welch that allows doctors to visit with their patients online through video calls, for free. In 2012, Welch was a Ph.D. student at the University of Utah in biomedical infographics. While working on a […]

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Big Red Jelly: Marketing through Brand Storytelling

The Tiburonia Granrojo, better known as the “big red jellyfish,” was discovered in 2003. Although it is an unknown species to most, the jellyfish is considered the world’s most efficient animal. That is much like what Big Red Jelly, a University of Utah student startup, wants to provide through a marketing and strategy formula in the […]

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