Confidence Through Custom Clothing

Born into a family of artists, Daisy Hall has always had an inherent passion for creativity. This, coupled with her love for fashion and unique expression, led this Lassonde Studios resident and University of Utah freshman to begin creating her own individualized clothing pieces. What started with simple materials, like fabric paint and secondhand clothing, has now become Hall’s official introduction to the world of entrepreneurship: Dayzsy Customs.

“Dayzsy Customs is my company, made for customizing clothing, tote bags, shoes … whatever I can get my hands on,” Hall said. “I get clothing from secondhand stores and revamp them by painting or drawing on them.”

Dayzsy Customs wasn’t born as a business idea and was instead a simple hobby for Hall, in the beginning. Pieces she created were for her own use, until she began to pick up on a public desire for unique items like the ones she was wearing.

“I started customizing clothes and wearing them out, and I noticed that people were complimenting me on my outfits,” Hall said. “They would be like, ‘Where did you get this?,’ and I’d say, ‘I painted them!’ I realized that there was a market for people who wanted customized clothing. It was something I enjoyed doing, and I thought it would be a great way to make some money.”

Hall’s mission goes deeper than just creating new pieces, however, and she has made it her goal to help people gain confidence and individuality through their clothing.

“I think it can be hard to find clothes that are different and fit my own taste,” Hall said. “So many people want their own style and don’t know what to wear. I think giving unique pieces can give people confidence … it can be a conversation starter.”

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