Cooking Reimagined

University of Utah student startup Savorit is reimagining cooking with help from the Lassonde Entrepreneur Institute.

Ever wanted to explore new recipes without hurting your bank account? This company makes it easy. They are working to combine Tinder and HelloFresh to provide a service that makes cooking more engaging and less costly.

Users will swipe on recipes, selecting their favorites. Savorit will then compile a set of meals with the most overlap in ingredients to save the user money. The app has integrated Instacart’s APIs so users can have their groceries delivered right to their door. The user will then follow the simple cooking instructions provided by Savorit to have a freshly cooked meal they can savor with loved ones.

The team behind Savorit consists of University of Utah student Sarah Rinderknecht, alum Leon Weingartner, and alum Felix Weingartner. All three members feel there is a true value in connecting with loved ones through cooking.

“Cooking for us creates a simple time to connect with one another and create lasting memories,” Rinderknecht said. “Everyone deserves to have access to simple healthy meals. We want to lower the cost and time commitment of cooking so people can focus on what really matters in their lives.”

While studying at the University of Utah, the innovation and creativity of the Lassonde Entrepreneur Institute quickly caught their attention and inspired them to start their company. Participating in Lassonde’s Get Seeded grant program was a major turning point for the team. After earning a microgrant, they pursued full grants and were awarded funding in two more grant rounds. This has led them to the launch of their business and covered many of their startup costs, such as filling as an LLC and obtaining a provisional patent to secure their idea as they grow.

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