U student-founded Entremares Magazine is an online literary work that allows contributors to share their culture.

Creating a Hybrid Culture

Imagine an online literary magazine that can be read by anyone, anywhere. “Entremares Magazine” does just that. Three U students, Betty Aguirre-Maier, Suan Pineda and Lina Peralta Casas met in the Language and Literature Department and brought this idea to life. They wanted to find a way to give something not only to the community, but to the world. The non-profit magazine features photography, films and videos, drawings, paintings, and fictional and nonfictional stories from a diverse group of individuals. The passion behind making “Entremares” a reality was their desire to share different elements of one culture with another. Though mainly written in Spanish, the magazine also has articles and stories written in English and French. Everyone who contributes does so for free, with a passion for sharing their culture with others. “If it has quality,” said Aguirre-Maier, “it has to be shared.” entremaresmagazine.com

Find this article and a lot more in the 2016 “Student Innovation @ the U” report. The publication is presented by the Lassonde Entrepreneur Institute to celebrate student innovators, change-makers and entrepreneurs.

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