Credits: Student Innovation @ the U 2021

“Student Innovation at the U” is an annual publication celebrating student innovation and impact at the University of Utah. A digital version is available at This publication is produced by the Lassonde Entrepreneur Institute, an interdisciplinary division of the David Eccles School of Business and the hub for student entrepreneurs and innovators at the U. Learn about the Lassonde Entrepreneur Institute at

This publication is managed by staff at the Lassonde Entrepreneur Institute, including:

Troy D’Ambrosio — executive director, Lassonde Entrepreneur Institute; assistant dean, David Eccles School of Business

Kathy Hajeb — director, Lassonde Entrepreneur Institute; associate professor (lecturer), David Eccles School of Business

Thad Kelling — marketing director, Lassonde Entrepreneur Institute

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Have a question? Want copies? Want to nominate a student to be featured in the next edition? Or want to be a contributor? We want to hear from you! Contact editor Thad Kelling at or 801-587-8811, or contact the Lassonde Entrepreneur Institute at or 801-587-3836.

Student Contributors

Camille Bagnani, assistant editor, writer, photographer (BS Marketing, 2021) — Camille is a regular content contributor for Lassonde as a photographer, videographer, and writer. She loves filmmaking, going to concerts of all types, but especially pop punk, and is quite well-versed in the Star Wars universe. Website: | Instagram: @camillebagnani

Tori Allred, assistant editor, writer, photographer (BS Marketing, 2020) — Tori is an entrepreneur and creator. She is a marketing guru and loves to help elevate brands through creative work with her marketing agency. She enjoys being outside with her partner and dog, rock climbing, writing poems, and playing the piano. Since graduating, she plans to take her entrepreneurial endeavors to the next level, while living in a van and traveling across the United States. LinkedIn | Instagram @moonchildphoto_

Jacqueline Mumford, assistant editor and writer (Master of Accounting, 2021) — Jacqueline is an accountant-in-process. When she’s not studying, she loves to write for both The Daily Utah Chronicle and Lassonde. After graduation, she plans to work in tax while studying the relationship between business and politics. Twitter:

Alexis Perno, writer (BA Communication, 2024) — Alexis is a freshman journalism major at the University of Utah, freelance journalist with the Lassonde Entrepreneur Institute, and SLUG Magazine editorial intern. Writing has been a passion for as long as Alexis can remember, and they continue to expand their artistry into screenwriting, photography, poetry, collage, and more.

Adam Draheim, writer (Computer Science, 2021) — Adam is a senior studying computer science at the University of Utah. He enjoys developing video games and aspires to be a game programmer as a career. Adam is also an avid chess player.

Celine Cavanaugh, writer (Games BS, 2021) — Celine is an Entertainment Arts & Engineering major in her senior year. When she isn’t working or doing schoolwork, she likes to go horseback riding, play video games/board games, and create projects for her portfolio. LinkedIn: | ArtStation:

Gracie Maren Tidwell, photographer and writer (BS Marketing, TBD) — Gracie is a freshman majoring in marketing and minoring in photography. Outside of school, she is an active part of her sorority and enjoys traveling. She aspires to one day work as a full-time photographer and own her own business. Instagram: @gracie.maren &

Brianna Bernhardt, writer and photographer (BA Modern Dance, 2022) — Brianna is a modern dance major with a creative writing minor from Boise, Idaho. She contributes as a freelance writer to and the Lassonde Entrepreneur Institute. She loves supporting small businesses and artists by going to museums, watching films, and eating delicious food from local restaurants. LinkedIn: @briannabernhardt | Instagram: @bybriannabernhardt

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