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“Student Innovation at the U” is an annual publication celebrating student innovation and impact at the University of Utah. A digital version is available at This publication is produced by the Lassonde Entrepreneur Institute, an interdisciplinary division of the David Eccles School of Business and the hub for student entrepreneurs and innovators at the U. Learn about the Lassonde Entrepreneur Institute at
This publication is managed by staff at the Lassonde Entrepreneur Institute, including:

Troy D’Ambrosio — executive director, Lassonde Institute; assistant dean, David Eccles School of Business

Kathy Hajeb — director, Lassonde Institute; associate professor (lecturer), David Eccles School of Business

Thad Kelling — marketing director, Lassonde Institute

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Have a question? Want copies? Want to nominate a student to be featured in the next edition? Or want to be a contributor? We want to hear from you! Contact editor Thad Kelling at or 801-587-8811, or contact the Lassonde Entrepreneur Institute at or 801-587-3836.

Student Contributors

Brianna Bernhardt, assistant editor — Brianna is an undergraduate student working toward her BFA in modern dance with a creative writing minor. She aims to cultivate creative excellence and promote academia within the arts through her role as a student leader and freelance artist. Instagram: @bybriannabernhardt.

Julia Dominesey, assistant editor — Julia is a graduate student at the University of Utah studying mechanical engineering. She is an active contributor to the Lassonde Entrepreneur Institute, research assistant, and trip leader at Outdoor Adventures. LinkedIn:

Mary Allen, writer, photographer — Mary Allen is a freshman studying graphic design and marketing at the University of Utah. She has lived in Salt Lake City her whole life with her family and is excited to be a Ute just like many of them. Mary’s favorite things include MLB Network and Diet Coke. Go Utes!

Camille Bagnani, photographer — Camille Bagnani is a content contributor for Lassonde as a photographer, videographer, and writer. She’s a recent marketing graduate, a creative, and is well-versed in the Star Wars universe. Instagram: @camillebagnani.

Grey Chapman, writer, photographer — Grey is an undergraduate student studying astrophysics and arts technology at the University of Utah. They are also an avid guitarist and spend most of their free time playing or fixing their instruments.

Kristina Guzman, writer — Kristina is an undergraduate student working toward a bachelor of science in marketing with a media studies minor. She was born and raised in New York City and runs her own startup at Lassonde. LinkedIn:

Jacqueline Mumford, writer — Jacqueline is a recent accounting graduate. When she wasn’t studying, she loved to write for both The Daily Utah Chronicle and Lassonde. After graduation, she planned to work in tax while studying the relationship between business and politics. Twitter:

Sydney Ostendorf, photographer — Sydney is a content contributor for Lassonde and an entrepreneur, photographer, and filmmaker. She is the founder of No Society Media, a content production company. Online: Instagram: @syd.ostendorf.

Alexis Perno, writer — Alexis is a communications major specializing in journalism at the University of Utah. With years of journalism experience and a lifetime of creative writing under her belt, writing has been a passion for as long as Alexis can remember.

Gracie Tidwell, writer, photographer — Gracie is majoring in marketing and minoring in psychology. Outside of school, she is an active part of her sorority and enjoys traveling. She aspires to one day work as a full-time photographer and own her own business. Instagram: @gracie.maren and

David Wimert, writer, photographer — David is studying game design in the EAE program, with an emphasis on developing 3D video-game art. He was born and raised in Sao Paulo, Brazil, before moving to Miami at 14. There, he discovered film and photography, which he does to this day. Online:

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