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“Student Innovation at the U” is an annual publication celebrating student innovation and impact at the University of Utah. A digital version is available at This publication is produced by the Lassonde Entrepreneur Institute, an interdisciplinary division of the David Eccles School of Business and the hub for student entrepreneurs and innovators at the U. Learn about the Lassonde Entrepreneur Institute and how to get involved at

This publication is managed by staff at the Lassonde Entrepreneur Institute, including:

Troy D’Ambrosio — executive director, Lassonde Institute; assistant dean, David Eccles School of Business

Kathy Hajeb — director, Lassonde Institute; associate professor (lecturer), David Eccles School of Business

Thad Kelling — marketing director, Lassonde Institute

Despina Giannopoulos — marketing coordinator, Lassonde Institute

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Student Contributors

Mary Allen, writer, photographer — Mary is an undergraduate student from Salt Lake City studying graphic design. She has been working in marketing with Lassonde since she began her time at the University of Utah and is also involved at the MUSS Board and the Daily Utah Chronicle. Her passions lie in the arts, sports, and outdoors.

Sean Andrews, writer, photographer — Sean is a freshman studying marketing at the University of Utah. He grew up in Reno, Nevada. Sean’s favorite things include skiing and rock climbing.

Vyana Dang, writer, photographer — Vyana is a University of Utah student studying marketing and minoring in design. She has a strong passion for the outdoors, but when she is not surfing at her hometown waves or skiing at her favorite resorts in Utah, she is exploring new food restaurants or attempting new recipes.

Julia Dominesey, writer — Julia recently graduated from the University of Utah with a graduate degree in mechanical engineering. She is a contributor at the Lassonde Entrepreneur Institute and a past Lassonde student leader. LinkedIn:

Ethan Pearce, writer, photographer — Ethan is a senior at the U finishing up his final semester pursuing a degree in communications. He is a huge basketball fan and hopes to soon work in sports media professionally. In his free time, he enjoys trading card games, performing arts, and watching movies. Twitter: @e_pearce_

Garrett Petersen, writer, photographer — Studying entrepreneurship, Garrett continues to follow his passion for videography and website design. Planning to pursue his entrepreneurial spirit, he intends to create a significant impact in his chosen field. His also enjoys flying drones and skiing. LinkedIn & Instagram: @garrettrpetersen

David Wimert, writer, photographer — David is studying game design in the EAE program, with an emphasis on developing 3D video-game art. He was born and raised in Sao Paulo, Brazil, before moving to Miami at 14. There, he discovered film and photography, which he does to this day.

Zack Zaman, writer, photographer — Zack is a University of Utah freshman studying entrepreneurship with the Eccles School Business Scholars program. He is an avid snowboarder and can be seen at the many ski resorts all around the Salt Lake area. Instagram: @zackaryzaman

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