U students create an electronic wristband to help those without smartphones be reminded of their appointments.

Different Kind of Learning Abroad

In fall 2015, 12 students graduated from the U’s new Case Management Certificate online program while living in refugee camps in Africa. They are the first cohort to complete the program offered by the College of Social Work. The certificate takes nine months to complete and consists of the same curriculum taught onsite at the U. One of those students, Bigirimana Christope, said, “I use the knowledge to handle cases and to teach my community members how to live together and advocate for people most vulnerable — like orphan children or unaccompanied minors.” The program was a success and more classes will be taught, but there is a bigger goal in mind for Rosey Hunter. Hunter helps oversee the Case Management Certificate program and is working with other groups to help refugees further their higher education. Hunter envisions refugee students earning an associate’s degree by completing credits through a partnership with Jesuit Commons: Higher Education on the Margins and Salt Lake Community College. The students would then continue on and transfer to the U to complete a bachelor’s degree. Hunter explained, “Through this path, higher education would be offered to those who normally would not have access.” Hunter believes these degrees will help refugees make their communities better. The program seeks to educate the next generation of social workers, equipping them to improve their home communities.

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