Eating Healthy at Miller Cafe

The Miller Cafe is committed to catering to the diverse dietary preferences of every student. The cafe chefs and management pride themselves on offering a range of products, including vegan and vegetarian options, foods made without gluten ingredients, and customizable orders. Whether you seek a nutritious snack or a delightful treat, Miller Cafe is here to meet your culinary needs.

With a dedication to accommodating various dietary needs, the offerings span from wholesome Grab-N-Go breakfast options to customizable lunches and dinners at the grill. Whether you’re in pursuit of a quick, nutritious snack or a thoughtfully crafted meal, Miller Cafe stands ready to exceed your expectations. Join us in savoring the blend of convenience and culinary excellence that defines the cafe’s commitment to your well-being.

Healthy Meal Alternatives

Here are some healthy meal alternatives to consider ordering at the Miller Cafe:

  1. Whole Fruit and Fruit Cups
  2. Yogurt
  3. Grab-N-Go
  4. BYO Salad or Sandwich
  5. Garden Burger

Garden burger

Lunch & Dinner Options

For the midday and evening meals, Miller Cafe showcases an abundance of health-conscious and flavorful choices. If time is of the essence, the  Grab-N-Go section beckons with house-made sandwiches, salads, and pinwheels (wraps). The convenience of the Grab-N-Go market is unrivaled for those on a tight schedule. Alternatively, for a more personalized dining experience, look no further than the grill.

During open hours, orders can be conveniently placed at the kiosks or through the QR code system. The grill allows you to craft a delicious salad or sandwich, tailored to your preferences.

One noteworthy feature at the Miller Cafe Grill is the garden burger — a crispy, fried veggie patty accompanied by lettuce, onions, tomatoes, and pickles on a sesame bun. For those seeking a health-conscious alternative to a traditional hamburger, the garden burger stands out as a great choice.

Breakfast & Snack Options

For breakfast, the Grab-N-Go offerings feature an enticing variety of whole fruits and fruit cups. Ideal for those on the move, these selections provide a nutritious start to your day. Moreover, the cafe hosts a great selection of yogurt and yogurt smoothies. Consider pairing a yogurt cup with fresh fruit for a refreshing and wholesome breakfast.

More Information

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