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Skiing, camping, fishing, hiking — you name it, and Logan Going probably does it. A born-and-raised outdoor enthusiast from Oregon, the University of Utah business student is turning his passion for the outdoors into an enterprising startup, Going Outdoors.

Going’s business seeks to solve problems with outdoor activities that he himself experiences. His first product is an innovative ski mask that’s specifically designed with both comfort and functionality in mind. During his frequent ski adventures, Going became irritated with typical ski masks that exposed too much of his face, resulting in sunburns. But the mask became uncomfortable and too hot when he pulled it up over his mouth and nose.

Going knew there had to be a better way to design ski masks that kept the skier’s face warm and comfortable while still allowing enough airflow through the mask. He collected different fabric materials from thrift stores and taught himself to sew in the Make Space at Lassonde Studios. At first, he couldn’t even sew a straight line, but 15 prototypes later, he created the final design. Going tested it himself on the slopes and gained valuable feedback from other skiers and boarders on the mountain.

Now that he has his first product designed, Going is working on securing an LLC, setting up his website, and getting his first batch of products manufactured. He plans on starting small by selling at the University of Utah, taking advantage of the school’s avid outdoor sports community. From there, Going wants to expand statewide and eventually nationwide. He has no shortage of ideas for the future, ranging from an expanded ski gear line to sun sweatshirts, rain gear, and beyond.

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