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Growing an Online Martial Arts Community

For Samery Moras, the founder of Live Martial Arts, martial arts aren’t just a hobby — they’re a part of who she is. “I was literally born into the world of martial arts,” she said. Her family owned a martial arts studio, and from a young age, Moras was inundated with martial arts. “I learned how to kick before I could even walk,” she said.

Soon, Moras traveled the world as a competitive martial artist, and was a member of Team USA for six years. Moras began using the internet to share her experiences. “While competing, I would film videos and post content online,” she said. “I started to see this opportunity to teach people all over the world just from my YouTube channel.”

Moras has gained a dedicated audience for her content. She has thousands of subscribers and followers on social media. Moras came to the Master of Business Creation program at the University of Utah’s David Eccles School of Business to make her content more profitable and expand the scope of her business. That program allows founders to spend nine months building their companies with extensive resources while also earning a master’s degree.

“When I first heard of the Master of Business Creation program, I knew it was the program for me,” Moras said. She wanted a different path than a typical nine-to-five-job and was looking for an opportunity to launch Live Martial Arts. After only a few weeks into the program, Moras already saw the benefits. “I’m getting lots of good feedback and mentorship. I think I have a better direction of where I want to go,” she said.

Moras is working with mentors to monetize her follower base and is developing online courses for martial arts and merchandise associated with her brand. She says that the skills she’s learning, and the positive environment of the MBC program, are helping her launch Live Martial Arts.

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