[Updated: 09-18-23]

Below find answers to common questions about the High School Utah Entrepreneur Challenge. Make sure to also review the competition guide for answers and instructions for how to participate. The guide has important information about eligibility, judging, and other information.

The High School Utah Entrepreneur Challenge (HSUEC) is your opportunity to showcase your innovation and entrepreneurial spirit, and win cash and scholarship prizes.
Anyone who is in highschool or ages 14-18 can participate in the challenge.
There is no minimum for number of students on a team, but teams may not consist of more than 5 students.
Entries will be judged on the four business components (problem, solution, market, and prototype) as well as their presentation and ability to address the questions asked.
Yes! There is no limit to how many ideas a single team can submit. Just make sure that each idea is entered as a separate submission.
No, but you should have made a prototype that clearly demonstrates how the product or idea would help solve the identified problem. A prototype can be (but isn’t limited to) an app, website, technology, machinery, cardboard example, or a sketch.
You and your team may use an idea you have already been working on. There is no need to come up with a completely new idea for this competition. It is suggested you continue to work on your already awesome idea!
Yes! Neither the HSUEC nor the Lassonde Institute takes any ownership in an idea or plan as part of the High School Utah Entrepreneur Challenge.
No, only the presenting team members are allowed in the presentation room. Parents and other family members are welcome to come to the public showcase at Lassonde Studios after the presentations.
The judges will pick 20 finalists to be invited to the final event.