Improving Truck Driver Recruiting

Blendyd Studios is a company focused on bringing high-tech, mobile-first, automated solutions to truck driver recruitment. According to CEO Morgan Williams, “We are transforming the industry by making hiring fast, easy, and streamlined.”

The company automates manual tasks in recruitment processes, leveraging automated and customized text messaging to make the candidate experience more seamless, and integrating with a company’s existing email and scheduling tech stack to make the process more efficient for candidates and recruiters. Additionally, the company has a data dashboard that helps recruiters track and prioritize candidates, so they don’t waste time on those that aren’t qualified or interested in the roles.

Williams is confident that Blendyd Studios has the opportunity to help the trucking industry transition into the future. She noted, “The trucking industry heavily relies on talent. There is currently a shortage of 80,000 drivers, which is expected to double in the next decade.”

Blendyd Studios is positioning itself to solve the immediate issues and wants to shepherd the trucking industry into the future with its technology. Blendyd Studios wants to ensure that the trucking industry can access untapped talent pools such as Gen Z, millennials, and women. With mobile-first tech, the company has the opportunity to do this.

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