Increasing Inclusion in Theater

Performance, advocacy, inclusion. A junior at the U, theater student Ashley Goodwin is taking steps to make these more prominent aspects of the theater world and beyond. She is doing this through her performative theater piece, “The Not Broken Monologues.”

This performance comes as the grand finale of her Undergraduate Research Opportunity Project (UROP). Broadening the narrative of the disabled experience is a main goal of Goodwin’s project, and she is determined to share a new perspective with the world. “I’m excited for the space and sense of community that this and my future work will hopefully carve out within the industry,” Goodwin said, “but I am also excited about the possibility of starting conversations that need to be had about inclusion, advocacy, and representation.” She holds a deep passion for uplifting lives through theater — in the future, she hopes to change lives by teaching theater and working with programs that use theater to uplift and inspire local communities.

COVID-19’s effect on the theatrical community has been upheaving to say the least, but one positive that Goodwin has found is the increased accessibility of viewership. “The Not Broken Monologues” will be streamed online late in spring semester, allowing everybody, including those with disabilities that hinder access to live performances, to enjoy the performance. Goodwin credits the theater program at the U and its staff, namely Alexandra Harbold and Xan Johnson, and the UROP program with helping her create this performance.

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