Innovating Access to Clean Water

Pure Solutions is working to make water purity testing more accessible for everyone to ensure that they are drinking safe water.

The company was co-founded by Vivek Anandh, Adrian Sucahyo, and David Sun. Anandh and Sucahyo are students at the University of Utah, and Sun is attending Yale.

Their device utilizes a probe that can be placed into a sample of water and will measure various parameters to determine if the sample is within optimal quality and safety standards.

The founders’ motivation for starting Pure Solutions began when Anandh’s family moved to their new home in Utah and faced water quality issues.

“We first noticed there was a problem when a white film appeared on the dishes and utensils that we would put in the dishwasher,” Anandh said. “We quickly became concerned and hired a water testing professional for a few hundred dollars. He informed us that our house had some of the hardest water that he had seen in his career and that prolonged consumption could have led to serious health effects. I realized that if my family hadn’t been financially stable, we wouldn’t have been able to hire that professional help — not everyone can.”

Their device is aimed at supporting those in communities that are more likely to be subjected to contaminated water. It is reusable and promises greater quality and accuracy in its testing results, while still being competitively low in price.

“Our goal is to create a future where pure water is accessible to everyone, not just a luxury for few to enjoy,” Anandh said.

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