Scavenger hunt

L4 Scavenger Hunt Winners

We hosted a scavenger hunt for our L4 residents for the 2019-20 academic year. They ran all over the building taking pictures, finding hidden gems, and getting to know each other and our community.

Team finished 14 missions to complete the scavenger hunt.

First place went to the team of Warren McCarty, a biology major from Salt Lake City and Charlotte Wang, an international studies major from Sandy. They won Boundary backpacks that were designed in the Lassonde Make Space and have grown into a successful company.

Find a list of all winners and missions below.

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Scavenger Hunt Winners

  • 1st Place – Winners of Boundary backpacks
    • Warren McCarty, Salt Lake City (hometown), biology (major)
    • Charlotte Wang, Sandy, international studies
  • 2nd Place – Winners of Luminoodles
    • Lauren Herre, Spanish Fork, nursing
    • Annie Allred, Please Grove, mathematics
    • Tren Hirschi, Salt Lake City, geology or mechanical engineering
    • Tressa Parkes, Salt Lake City, multi-disciplinary design and entrepreneurship
  • 3rd Place – Winner of a MounTins Pack
    • Madison Hogg, Park City, Business
    • Brittney D’Antuono, Orlando, Fla., psychology and anthropology
    • Rell Harwood, Park City, engineering
    • Marin Hamill, Park City, business

Second-place winners

Third-place winners

Missions Completed

  • Team Up – Form a team with up to four other residents. List the full name and uNIDs (including yourself) of your team members.
  • Shoot for the Stars – Locate and take a picture of your team with one of the rockets hidden in the Neeleman Hangar of Lassonde Studios.
  • Ready for Launch – Check out the Company Launch space and explore the different companies currently in the program. Past company logos are displayed on the large concrete pillar in the space. Upload a picture of your team’s favorite company logo, past, or present.
  • Collaboration is Key – What happens in the Coworking space at Lassonde Studios? Find the Cowork whiteboard, then take a minute to look at the different skills students have listed. Upload a picture with your team and the Cowork board in the photo.
  • Light Up My Life – We have four neon signs in the Studios, find them, and list them all.
  • Community Connections – Find the Lassonde 400 community connection whiteboards on one of the residential floor maker spaces and add and activity or event you’d like to go to as a team. Each floor’s events should match the theme of the floor. Take a picture with the event you listed.
  • Strike a Pose! – Take a fun “Live. Create. Launch.” shout-out video of your team in front of one of the murals on any of the residential floors.
  • Game On – Unleash your inner gamer! Take a picture of the team in the gaming chairs on the fifth floor.
  • Design Thinking – With your group, take a picture in from of the Make Space “Prototype” or “Create” signs.
  • Live Life to the Fullest – Find “Pierre’s rules of life,” and take a picture of your team pointing at your favorite rule.
  • Penciled In – Pick up a Lassonde printed calendar and circle an event you all plan to attend. Submit a photo of that circled event.
  • Resources and More! – Name three unique items you can check out at the Lassonde Studios front desk.
  • These are My People – Take a group photo with other Lassonde residents not in your group. The bigger the group, the better.
  • Trash Goes Where? – Take a team photo in a trash room.

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