Lassonde 400: Building a Community

Whether they are organizing enjoyable events or are hosting a captivating speaker, the Lassonde 400 program team is working hard to give Lassonde Studios residents exciting opportunities to be part of the community. Celine Cavanaugh and her associates are dedicated to ensuring residents can make new connections and be part of the Lassonde community.

Lassonde 400 organized numerous events including the Lassonde Launch Party and a Mariokart tournament. “I enjoyed seeing the comradery at the Mariokart event,” Cavanaugh said. “It was fun seeing everyone interact and have a relaxing night of competition!” She believes Lassonde 400 events will build a closer, stronger community. “I want to create that group comradery … to give everyone the experience to meet new people,” she said.

Residents enjoy hearing from speakers like Bassam Salem, founder of AtlasRTX. “Guest speakers are a great way for our residents to have that networking that is important as a college student. Hopefully, they will gain many connections from these events,” Cavanaugh said. “It is enjoyable for the speakers as well because they enjoy sharing their stories.”

Each floor of Lassonde Studios hosts an associated event to illustrate what resources are available. Residents can look forward to participating in sustainable gardening on the second floor or some green-screen movie magic on the third. Cavanaugh added, “I am most excited for the cupcake wars competition. Every floor will be competing with each other and I want to see what everyone can cook up!”

Lassonde 400 is focused on building a community. Between the speakers lined up and the resources available, any resident can find something that interests them at any event and make some connections along the way!

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