Silicon Slopes Hall of Fame & Awards

Lassonde Institute Named a Finalist in Silicon Slopes Hall of Fame & Awards

The Lassonde Entrepreneur Institute was announced as a finalist for the 2022 Silicon Slopes Hall of Fame & Awards recently. Launched in 1999, the awards identify and applaud the breakthrough leaders and companies who have contributed to the ongoing and growing success of Utah and Silicon Slopes.

The Lassonde Institute was named a finalist for Lassonde Studios in the spaces and places category, which recognizes innovative buildings, structures, and interior designs that delight and excite. The winners will be announced at the awards gala on Feb. 4 at the Grand America Hotel.

Lassonde Studios is the hub for student entrepreneurs and innovators at the University of Utah. It opened in 2016 and is managed by the Lassonde Institute, a top-5 ranked program for student entrepreneurs and an interdisciplinary division of the David Eccles School of Business. It’s the place where students from any major or background can “Live. Create. Launch.” All students at the university are welcome to use the Neeleman Hangar, a 20,000-square-foot innovation space on the main floor, to connect, test ideas, build prototypes, launch companies, and learn by doing. Above are four floors of themed residential and dorm space.

The building has played a critical role in helping the Lassonde Institute to achieve its mission of transforming students through entrepreneurship. It is the meeting place for hundreds of events every year, a dorm for 400 students interested in entrepreneurship and innovation, a makerspace, a startup office space, a coworking space, an idea incubator, a community, and more.

Lassonde Studios has won awards and recognition from across the nation and world, and it has accelerated student entrepreneurship at the University of Utah.

During the last year, the Lassonde Institute has worked with 5,200 college students, 882 high school outreach participants, and 426 student startup teams through many programs and activities. Much of this activity happens at Lassonde Studios.

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