Learning by Doing

During the Community-based Art Education program, master of fine art student Reilly Jensen said her favorite radical approach was “learn by doing.” She described how art has the power to integrate and tell a story.

Jensen took the opportunity to learn “secrets” of artists, such as radical pedagogy, co-intentional educational approaches, and the power and weight of community relationships with the intentions identifying and obtaining the collaborative skills of artists, addressing systemic cultural heritage, and contesting narratives of the past.

She worked with scientists, artists, and local schools at the UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Bat, Khutum, and Al Ayn in the Sultanate of Oman to collect local clay and create ceramics for research of Bronze-Age ceramics processes and generate questions about the cultural past and our relationships to it through the creation of heritage for her master of fine arts thesis.

She continues to work and prepares for the upcoming field season. You can follow the process on Instagram: @quaffingreilly.

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