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You no longer need to outsource to get the perfect graphic, logo, video or poster for your business. University of Utah alumni Vincent Fu and Calvin Chhour have used their digital art skills for a variety of projects and businesses ranging from university-related video-editing to brand development for startup companies, and you can do the same.

In our Adobe Ambassadors’ workshop, Fu and Chhour provided insight into the tools within Adobe Illustrator as well as specific examples in logo and marketing creation for a new business. Adobe Illustrator, Premier Pro and Audition are the means by which most companies’ identity is built, as its extensive uses can create brand continuity across many mediums. Here are just a few of their tips to get you started:

1. “With anything Adobe, don’t be afraid to try things out.”

Fu and Chhour stressed that your limitations with Adobe are solely your creativity. If you can think it, there is a way to create it. Everyone is constantly learning new things through YouTube, online tutorials and other web design enthusiasts, so don’t feel intimidated.

2. “Look for opportunities to use your skills in Adobe in your classes and extracurricular activities.”

Find an excuse to practice every chance that you get so that when the time comes to seriously use the program, you will not only feel more comfortable but will also have developed a personal style.

3. “Brand development is extremely front heavy and will require much iteration in order to find the right design that properly conveys your values.”

One or more logos can be used for your business: what is important is that it has the potential for recognition and longevity.

4. “Always refine your work.”

Some more technical tips to make refining easier:

  • The left toolbar is a set of creation developments and the right toolbar will change to match your selections’ specific properties.
  • Change the spacing between letters in your logo with the kerning tool.
  • You can put multiple artboards in one file and hold control while you scroll to navigate between them.
  • Bleed your images. No printer can go precisely to an edge of a document, so to prevent pesky white borders, slightly oversize your image on the template.

As an entrepreneur, you know better than anyone what your company stands for. Adobe Illustrator provides you the opportunity to project that mission statement on any platform. Fu and Chhour encourage entrepreneurs not to be discouraged and to practice without hesitation. While it may initially seem intimidating to become your own web designer, the skills you will develop
over time will create a stronger understanding of Adobe and your company itself.

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