Ella Bachorowski

Making Ideas Come to Life Through Entrepreneurship

Making ideas come to life.

That’s Ella Bachorowski’s definition of entrepreneurship. Bachorowski is a founder in the Lassonde Founders program at the University of Utah’s Lassonde Entrepreneur Institute. She joined the program after being drawn to the valuable skills of entrepreneurship. “The Founders program made it seem like I could turn my dreams and ideas into something tangible with all the resources that I have at my fingertips,” Bachorowski said.

Her interests include all things fashion, architecture, and design. She is currently studying marketing and graphic design, but her inclination toward design and entrepreneurship began before that. In high school, her and her twin sister would buy clothes and turn them into new, unique pieces that they would then sell.

When Bachorowski moved into Lassonde Studios, a dorm and innovation space managed by the Lassonde Entrepreneur Institute at the University of Utah, she was happy to see sewing equipment provided by the Make Space, an open workspace area for all students to work on their projects. Seeing all of the equipment in the Make Space inspired her in thinking that she could pick it back up, make a plan, and turn her hobby from high school into a business one day.

Bachorowski believes the opportunities in her future reach beyond clothes and sewing machines when it comes to entrepreneurship. She said, “Entrepreneurship is an important skill because you can not only express your ideas, but you can also create them and make them become something.” She also acknowledged that it’s almost scary knowing that she can do just about anything with entrepreneurial skills.

The next step for Bachorowski is deciding what direction she is going to choose for her future. “I think the Founders program could help me figure out that next step, and it could help guide me in that direction to see what’s worthwhile and what’s going to be successful,” she said.

The small-knit community within the Founders program has inspired her to know she could be an 18-year-old starting a business and make her ideas come to life. She said, “It’s not that hard for it to become real.”

Learn about the Lassonde Founders program and apply to join at lassonde.utah.edu/founders.

Ella Bachorowski

“Entrepreneurship is an important skill because you can not only express your ideas, but you can also create them and make them become something,” Ella Bachorowski said.

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