Making the Invisible Visible

Not many people know that seven creeks run in vein-like tunnels beneath Salt Lake Valley’s pavement. But students from the Seven Canyons Trust know about these subterranean waters. They know the beautiful, daylight course these streams traveled in the past, and they are envisioning the face of the valley in the future — and their vision is stunning. Established in 2014, the Seven Canyons Trust is a state-recognized organization established by students from an urban ecology workshop led by Stephen Goldsmith, professor of city and metropolitan planning. Their goal is simple: to “make the invisible visible” by bringing the creeks forced into pipelines underground back above ground, helping to restore our natural environment and the community’s connection to it. The solutions, however, require long-term and far-reaching goals, and many of the students are prepared to make this a lifelong project. “The ball is starting to get rolling, and people are starting to catch hold of our vision,” said Liz Jackson, urban planning graduate and one of the student leaders for the project. More at

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