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In this day and age, we are always busy and constantly searching for ways to make life a little bit easier. For businesses, sometimes it is a challenge to communicate with people interested in their product or stakeholders wanting to invest in the company. Cinch aims to better connect businesses with their consumers.   

A student in the new Master of Business Creation program at the University of Utah, Justin Rae founded Cinch in 2017.  The company is an online, data science and marketing automation platform. It helps businesses build a better relationship with its consumers. The company is comprised of 15 individuals who monitor the site. Cinch allows businesses to automatically communicate with individuals by sending automatic emails and responses. The program is fully autonomous, and no previous knowledge of the process is needed to use the service. Cinch has an option to integrate telecom systems and possesses an omni-channel capacity. Some of Cinch’s current customers include Oxi Fresh, Jiffy Lube, and several golf courses. Rae explained, “What makes Cinch different from other analytics companies is that opposed to somebody giving you the insights from the data in the analysis, we actually say, ‘Here it is, and use the software to do something with it right now.’ It’s very actionable.”

Rae said the Master of Business Creation program has helped him immensely. He said, “The networking opportunities have been really great, but also the classes have been very beneficial.” He is currently looking for funding for the project and hopes to one day have it become an integral part of business management. Cinch is the seventh business Rae has founded. His other business ventures include a home automation system, a streaming service, an ad service, and a custom shoe company. 

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