Meet the Hospitality Managers at Lassonde Studios

Meet the hospitality managers at Lassonde Studios. From managing the front desk with a smile to assisting you with any questions or problems, they’re dedicated to making Lassonde feel like home. Read more below about the hospitality managers working to keep things running smoothly. Next time you’re in the building, stop by and say hello!

Avery Giblin

  • Fun fact: I am an artist and I love to draw succulents.
  • Favorite resource at the front desk: The Canon T7i camera.
  • Favorite thing about Lassonde: The programs! We offer a wide variety of them, and they’re great for connecting with like-minded people.
  • Advice for students: “Be curious, not judgmental.” – Ted Lasso

PJ Kelsch

  • Fun fact: I am also a costume designer and make some of my own clothes.
  • Favorite resource at the front desk: The Nintendo Switch. I am a die-hard Nintendo fan.
  • Favorite thing about Lassonde: The number of opportunities and resources students have to grow.
  • Advice for students: Make the most of your time here, it’ll be over before you know it.

Gaurav Mishra

  • Fun fact: When I was young, I wanted to be a chef after working as a busboy at a Japanese steakhouse. My dad was not too fond of that option, so I went with my second choice of being a doctor.
  • Favorite resource at the front desk: My favorite resources are the various cooking equipment we have for students to check out. This ranges from grill equipment to baking pans. It’s convenient for the students because these are not items that are typically on a college dorm checklist.
  • Favorite thing about Lassonde: The student programs at Lassonde and the opportunity to connect with professionals in various fields. No other dorms on campus offer these kinds of opportunities.
  • Advice for students: Get involved at the university early to take advantage of the opportunities that come with each extracurricular experience. Blending practical experience with academic excellence is the optimal combination many employers seek!

Eliasib Paredes-Bautista

  • Fun fact: I am a student entrepreneur.
  • Favorite resource at the front desk: The USB-C chargers.
  • Favorite thing about Lassonde: The office spaces.
  • Advice for students: Apply to any and all programs here at Lassonde!

Braeden Riley

  • Fun fact: I run HomeBrew here at Lassonde!
  • Favorite resource at the front desk: I like the ski wax kit! It’s easy to use and invaluable once the snow hits.
  • Favorite thing about Lassonde: It’s so lively in the Neeleman Hangar. There always seems to be something going on and it’s really one of the coolest places on campus.
  • Advice for students: Make sure to stop by the monthly Get Seeded pitches! It’s always fun to see new student companies and it never hurts to get free pizza.

Jennie Sullivan

  • Fun fact: I am an only child.
  • Favorite resource at the front desk: I would say any of the tools or the bike pump are vital resources. It’s nice being able to provide something that you know is going to help a student out right away.
  • Favorite thing about Lassonde: The culture here! Everyone in this building or involved in our programs is willing to offer support to someone in need. This is a safe space for anyone to learn and be taught.
  • Advice for students: Lead with kindness. A smile or simple “hello” can go a long way when passing by or interacting with anyone.


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