U Sustainability and Urban Ecology Scholars work to make a difference on campus.

Not An Idle Group

The Sustainability and Urban Ecology Scholars are not idling. From implementing and developing new ways on campus to reduce energy and water consumption to bringing educational awareness on how to be “idle free,” these students, with city and metropolitan planning professor Stephen Goldsmith, are constantly seeking innovative ways to make a change. “We want students to start thinking about how they conduct their lives and their behavior, and create a culture of change and responsibility,” said Olivia Juarez, an environmental and sustainability student. With their most recent initiative on creating an “idle free campus,” the scholars are handing out stickers and kind words to promote better air quality. “We believe in rewarding a good action,” Lilly Bosworth said. In spring 2016, with the generous donation of Chartwells, the Honors Scholars will begin distributing cookies to help spread additional awareness. “Breathing clean should be, and is, a human right,” said Kat Nix, an environmental and sustainability student.

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