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Photo Essay: Miller Cafe at Lassonde Studios

Come enjoy a unique campus dining experience here at the Miller Cafe at Lassonde Studios! Open to the public with later hours, the cafe offers a wide variety of options to enjoy. Stocked with all your favorite snacks and a menu of fresh meal options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, you’re sure to find just the right sustenance for any time of day. Whether you’re out the door in a hurry before your morning class or need a late-night study session meal, the Miller Cafe’s got you covered.

Miller Cafe at Lassonde Studios

The Miller Cafe is located in Lassonde Studios on the first floor in the Neeleman Hangar. It’s open late and open to all.

Miller Cafe kiosk

Miller Cafe uses an easy ordering system that allows customers to simply input their grill orders using a phone number. Orders go straight to the kitchen and are ready for pickup in just a few short minutes after they’re placed.

Miller Cafe grocery

The Miller Cafe contains a mini grocery station where students can pick up some of their favorite fresh produce and dairy options.

Miller Cafe drinks

With an extensive variety of drink options, you won’t have a difficult time finding the perfect beverage to go with your meal.

Miller Cafe deli

Not in the mood for a menu item off the grill? No problem. With new deli items coming in daily, you can find several fresh options ranging anywhere from salad to sushi.

Snacks at Miller Cafe

The snack section at the Miller Cafe offers students the option for a quick, grab-and-go experience. There’s a wide range of options to suit whatever cravings a busy student might have.

Miller Cafe seating

We have optimal seating at Miller Cafe, with picnic-style tables for larger gatherings or you can choose a quiet spot in a booth to do your homework while you eat.

Miller Cafe breakfast

This buffet-style breakfast corner offers up all the simple breakfast classics you might want to start your day. Pair your instant oatmeal with some of the fresh fruit from the produce section, or perhaps enjoy your cup of coffee with a Miller bagel and cream cheese … the options are plenty.

Miller Cafe order pickup

After placing your kiosk order, the chefs will have your grill orders out on the counter in no time. This contactless method is quick, easy, and delicious!

Miller Cafe checkout

Item checkout at the Miller Cafe is quick and easy. Students can use meal transfers and flex dollars with a simple tap on any transaction at the cafe and it is open for regular monetary transactions as well.

Miller Cafe at Lassonde Studios

We hope to see at the Miller Cafe soon!

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