Pierre Lassonde’s 10 Rules of Life

The founder of the Lassonde Entrepreneur Institute, Pierre Lassonde, has 10 rules of life he follows. Find them below. He offered these rules during his commencement address in 2006, when he received an honorary doctorate from the University of Utah. Lassonde attended the University of Utah with his late wife, Claudette, and received his MBA in 1973. Since then, he has become a world-renowned mining investor and entrepreneur. In 1982, Lassonde co-founded the Franco-Nevada Corporation, the first publicly traded gold royalty company. Learn more about him here.

1. Say “Thank You”

2. Never Miss an Occasion to Throw a Party!

3. What Is It You Want Most in Life?

4. Live Your Passion

5. Feed Your Soul

6. Explore Your Faith

7. See for Yourself That the Earth Is Round

8. Give Faith a Fighting Chance

9. Leave a Better World Behind

10. Keep Your Speeches Under 10 Minutes

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