Pioneering Legal Aid

The Pro Bono Initiative Prison Legal Site, directed by law students Audreauna Lowry and Skye McBride, represents a pivotal advancement in providing legal aid within the Utah State Correctional Facility. Founded in October 2023, this initiative has been instrumental in offering otherwise unavailable civil legal services and information to incarcerated individuals.

Under the mentorship of Pro Bono Initiative director, Caisa Royer, the project has flourished. Lowry highlighted, “This would never have been possible without Royer. She’s the soul behind this project.” The collaboration with attorney and student volunteers not only delivers essential legal aid but also significantly contributes to the educational growth of law students. Through the program, students conduct in-person intakes with incarcerated clients and identify their individual legal needs. Students might also research the issues and compile legal resources or observe attorney consultations for clients with more complicated legal issues such as immigration.

While the program has achieved notable successes, Lowry and McBride were quick to note the ongoing challenges and gaps in providing comprehensive legal access to this community. “We’re working hard, but we still have far to go in ensuring access to justice for all,” they said, underlining the initiative’s ongoing commitment to bridge these gaps.

Lowry and McBride also expressed gratitude for the community support, noting, “We’re thankful for all the peers and people that have helped and volunteered. We have a good community.”

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