Ruth Watkins

President’s Message: Creating the Future

At the University of Utah, we celebrate a culture of collaboration and innovation — with the goal of transformation. Students from all backgrounds and fields of study have the opportunity to engage in the U’s vibrant innovation ecosystem, which accelerates learning through experiences that connect ideas to actions and classrooms to careers. The power of learning with and from world-renowned experts, as guides to the world of innovations and discovery, is unequaled. The university is an incubator of ideas and provides relevant — and powerful — preparation for the future. The results of students proactively exploring their passions and talents at the U are tangible evidence of what curiosity, hard work and timely guidance can accomplish.

Within this publication, you will find a sampling of how U students are making technological, social and business impacts on our society. Those featured are among hundreds of others who have embodied our motto: “Imagine. Then Do.” They are diverse and from every corner of the campus; through their experiences, these students are mastering the skills needed for innovation beyond graduation.

I encourage you to explore their work and challenge you to get involved on a personal level. We look forward to what will be created when you explore the possibilities.

­— ­Dr. Ruth Watkins

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Find this article and a lot more in the 2018 “Student Innovation @ the U” report. The publication is presented by the Lassonde Entrepreneur Institute to celebrate student innovators, change-makers and entrepreneurs.

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