President’s Message: Student Innovation @ the U 2024

Welcome to the 2024 edition of “Student Innovation at the U.” Inside this annual publication, you will learn about one of the most exciting things happening at the University of Utah: our students’ transformation into changemakers who generate real-world impact through their creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship. I hope you find their stories as inspiring as I do.

This report shows the unmatched student experience we offer at the University of Utah. Students embark on world-class educations in our many degree programs, learning from leading experts in their fields. Outside of class, students encounter unparalleled opportunities to engage with our large and growing number of institutes, centers, and initiatives, where they gain rich experiences before they graduate.

On the following pages are examples of students turning bold ideas into tangible solutions. You’ll meet diverse students from across campus who are improving everything from computational photography to ski wax. Their innovative concepts may differ, but these students all share a passion for extending their education beyond the classroom into the realms of research, product creation, social impact, and entrepreneurship.

I invite you to turn the page and see for yourself. Then, I encourage you to get involved. To our students, I challenge you to pursue your ideas and see how far your vision can take you. To our faculty and community members, please continue to inspire our students and fuel their aspirations. I know we can accomplish great things, and I can’t wait to see what’s next.

— Taylor Randall, president, University of Utah

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Find this article and a lot more in the 2024 “Student Innovation @ the U” report. The publication is presented by the Lassonde Entrepreneur Institute to celebrate student innovators, change-makers, and entrepreneurs.

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