UV Sense

Preventing Skin Cancer

Kristina Schiffman is a current student at the University of Utah, working toward degrees in biomedical engineering and business administration. Utilizing both of her fields of study to assist in her innovation, Schiffman has worked to develop an ultraviolet-detecting wearable sensor for skin cancer prevention.

The project is called UV Sense, and its goal is to help young people with special concern for skin cancer stay safe from over exposure with the sensor. The technology works in conjunction with an app, which is customizable to its user using the Fitzpatrick Skin Type Rating. The UV sensor accumulates energy from the sun and connects with the app that will inform its user if they are at risk for over-exposure to the sun’s rays.

Schiffman’s reason for starting this project is simple: with only five bad sunburns, a person’s chances of developing skin cancer can double. This sensor works to prevent this damaging, but highly common, everyday danger.

Her product is currently in the testing process, but the project will likely be on the market by summer of 2023. Schiffman’s goal is to have her product on the market as soon as possible, while keeping it affordable and accessible for users. She hopes to one day sell this technology to pursue other ventures of interest.

Schiffman has received support from the Lassonde Entrepreneur Institute for UV Sense, including a grant from the Get Seeded program.

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