Resource Directory: Student Innovation @ the U 2018

ArtsBridge: An interdisciplinary arts education outreach program.

ArtsForce: A two-day conference for art students to learn about how to share their creative work.

Arts Entrepreneur: Connect with your peers, learn the value of your skills and explore connections between the arts and entrepreneurship.

Bench-2-Bedside: A competition for medical, engineering and business students to collaborate to develop or improve a medical device.

bioDesign: Teams of engineering students work with clinicians to develop prototypes and test medical devices.

bioInnovate: Graduate program providing a comprehensive biomedical, device-design training program.

bioWorld: A two-semester course enabling students to develop a business plan for a medical-device in a developing country.

BlockU Program: Take full advantage of your time at the U by enrolling in courses organized thematically to maximize your learning.

Business Scholars: An experiential program for high-achieving students offered by the David Eccles School of Business.

Center for Innovation in Banking and Financial Services: Help innovate financial services, guide regulatory issues, and examine and support the deployment of new financial products and services.

Center for Research on Migration and Refugee Integration: Students connect as refugees, immigrants or volunteers. CRMRI encourages research, academics and outreach.

Company Launch: Apply for dedicated space at Lassonde Studios through the Company Launch program.

Cowork: Take advantage of the many opportunities and areas in Lassonde Studios to work together and collaborate.

Designbuildbluff: A year-long program for graduate students in architecture who design and build homes in southern Utah.

Campus Founders Fund: Apply for an investment from this unique fund or apply to be a student leader.

Entertainment Arts & Engineering: Interdisciplinary program where students design and develop video games.

Entrepreneur Certificate: The David Eccles School of Business offers an undergraduate Interdisciplinary Certificate in Entrepreneurship.

Food Entrepreneur: Learn about food entrepreneurship, test your recipes in the Miller Cafe and more.

Foundry at the Lassonde Entrepreneur Institute: An experience-based educational community where entrepreneurs can act on their business ideas and access resources to help.

The Gapp Lab: A student game-development center for health-related video games and apps.

Get Seeded: Pitch your business idea to your peers to receive seed funding for your venture.

Global Public Health: Promotes health and medical development leading to measurable improvements.

Global Health Scholars: Students get exposed to a variety of perspectives on global-health practices.

High School Utah Entrepreneur Challenge: A statewide business idea competition for all students ages 14-18. More than $20,000 in prizes.

Hinckley Internship Programs: Internship opportunities are available to students interested in politics.

Honors Praxis Labs: Students work together to find original solutions to problems our society faces while a faculty mentor guides the work of each group.

Hours with Experts: Sign up to meet with an expert in fields including law, business, design and engineering.

Innovation Scholar: Students learn how to match their passion with a purpose and create a personal plan of impact.

International Exchange/Study Abroad: Students participate in hundreds of programs all over the world based on their interests and career goals.

International Leadership Academy: Students examine global leadership in business, government and non-profit organizations. Community mentors assigned. Email

Sorenson Impact Center: Marshals capital for social good, empowers data-driven programs, breaks down silos across sectors and equips the next generation of leaders with social purpose.

Lassonde Entrepreneur Institute: The hub for student entrepreneurs and innovators at the University of Utah. Many programs and opportunities open to all students.

Lassonde New Venture Development Center: Graduate students are paired with a faculty inventor and spend a year preparing a business plan.

Lassonde Studios: The home for student entrepreneurs and innovators. All students welcome to live, create and launch here.

Legal Scholars: Students interested in law school learn about current legal issues and how to prepare for law school.

Make Program: Learn how to use prototyping tools and see your idea come to life at Lassonde Studios.

Meetups: Join the Lassonde Institute at a meetup event to find teammates and learn about the community.

My U Signature Experience (MUSE): A database of research, leadership, community engagement, scholarships and internship opportunities across campus.

Opportunity Quest: A business-plan competition for students across the state, addressing the executive-summary stage of business development.

RoboUtes: Students interested in robotics participate in competitions.

Sorenson Center for Discovery and Innovation: Helps unleash the creative genius within the U and the community to innovate the way we live, work and play.

SPARK: An online community all about ideas — inspiring students to collect, sort and finally implement them.

Sustainability Scholars: Students work across disciplines to research, imagine, create and implement strategies that will positively affect sustainability practices at the U.

Sustainable Campus Initiative Fund Program (SCIF): Innovative and motivated students are awarded grants to team up with a faculty or staff member to bring about sustainable changes to the campus.

Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP): Students are paired with faculty members and work closely with them in research experiences.

University Venture Fund: Students work with entrepreneurs and investors to learn about investments and see how successful companies are managed.

Utah Entrepreneur Challenge: One of the largest business-model competitions in the nation. Students across Utah develop full, comprehensive business model. $40,000 grand prize.

Utah Real Estate Challenge: Real-estate development competition for undergraduate and graduate students throughout Utah.

Workshops: Attend regular workshops at the Lassonde Institute to learn new skills.

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