Start Swimming, and Never Stop

Biology major Ethan Beseris is proving all you need to compete in university athletics is the will to make it happen. Beseris founded the U’s Swim Club, which, despite its infancy, grew quickly to 24 members who competed in monthly meets in the U.S. Masters Swim League. “I believe that with a little outreach, the U can be a leader for club swim teams in the valley,” said Beseris, who worked on the project through the U’s Innovation Scholar program. As a participant of the program, Beseris credits it for “putting him in touch with the things that really mattered” and giving him the tools necessary to create the team. The swim club gives these dedicated athletes chances they wouldn’t have otherwise: the chance to compete, to be a part of a team, and to qualify for the U.S. Masters Swimming National Championships.

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