Tech-Enabled Cardiac Imaging

Mark Ibrahim, a former student in the University of Utah’s Master of Business Creation program, is a cardiologist with specialized training in multimodality cardiovascular imaging and an interest in medical informatics.

Now, he can add “entrepreneur” to his many credentials as the founder of CardiaSpace, a tech-enabled telehealth company specializing in advanced cardiac imaging.

Ibrahim pursued his advanced cardiac imaging fellowship training at the University of Utah’s School of Medicine, where he was also the co-director of the advanced cardiac imaging program.

His passion for leveraging technology in healthcare led him to start CardiaSpace. The company focuses on enabling hospitals and radiology imaging centers to perform contemporary advanced cardiac diagnostics. They do so by setting up refined cardiac imaging protocols on the facility’s eligible scanners, securely transferring images to their HIPAA-compliant server, and providing a timely interpretation of the studies utilizing a proprietary automated workflow that assists the reading physicians in the image analysis and reporting process.

Ibrahim hopes to position CardiaSpace as the predominant tech-enabled telehealth for advanced cardiac imaging across the nation. CardiaSpace’s team wants every patient to have access to the best cardiac diagnostics regardless of geography or the limited local expertise in certain areas.

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