Lassonde Testimonials

Testimonials From Lassonde Supporters

Many alumni and community members support the Lassonde Entrepreneur Institute and the many student entrepreneurs thriving in its programs. Some of them are giving back to the University of Utah after launching their careers there. Some are inspired by young entrepreneurs who are following their dreams and attempting to change the world. We talked to some of these supporters to learn more about why they support Lassonde. Here is what they had to say:

“Zions Bank is honored to be a long-time, sustaining supporter of the Lassonde Institute. In addition to the hundreds of student-launched businesses that have been created and flourished, countless students have nurtured their passion for entrepreneurship and innovation as a result of the institute’s nationally-ranked programs.”

Scott Anderson, president and CEO, Zions Bank

“My family and I are happy to support student entrepreneurs who launch businesses and explore new ideas through the Lassonde Institute. Entrepreneurism came early for me as I started and ran a company while at the University of Utah. As a young, green entrepreneur, I wish I’d had these resources! I have visited and presented at many esteemed universities, but no one has quite created the magic of the Lassonde Institute.”

David Neeleman, founder, JetBlue and Azul

“Entrepreneurism runs deep in the Miller family, indeed throughout our entire state. Utah’s entrepreneurial spirit supports a thriving economy and ensures generations can contribute to and benefit from a thriving economy and undisputed quality of life. We believe that through hard work, integrity, stewardship, and service, those with a vision can create extraordinary experiences. Our family is proud to support a variety of entrepreneurial programs including the Lassonde Studios.”

Gail Miller, owner, Larry H. Miller Group of Companies

“We worked hand-in-hand with the Lassonde Institute to develop the Lassonde Ambassadors Program. We provide scholarships to a group of first-generation and underrepresented U of U students each year, enabling them to work as a team in creatively reaching back into the community to engage high schoolers in experiential, entrepreneurial activities. This unique scholarship program personalizes what is possible and provides mentoring to help make more attainable the pursuit of entrepreneurship and STEM careers.”

Jeff & Polly Unruh, James A. Unruh Family Foundation

“Our partnership with the Lassonde Institute started because we support the outcome that results when you combine learning with execution. Here, students and teachers work toward creation and growth through economic development further enriching the lives of all stakeholders. The Lassonde Institute, as well as its Get Seeded program, have helped wonderful companies get the head-start they deserve to make products and services that will improve all of our lives.”

Chad & Kristen Anselmo, U alumni

“The Lassonde Entrepreneur Institute helped me find my own ‘inner entrepreneur,’ and that led me to start a company with strong social impact. I am deeply committed to programs that give U of U students similar opportunities and support – it’s not only what they do, but how they do it that makes the difference.”

Gregg Rosann, co-founder, Graduation Alliance

“The Lassonde Institute provides advantages to entrepreneurs because the program is designed to improve business and decision-making acumen and ultimately prepare companies to succeed after exit. Lassonde provides an abundant amount of resources that not only educates the entrepreneur about running a business, but also allows them to grow a viable business during their educational process. For example, Lassonde provides the business formation fundamentals, ancillary product innovation support, market research, connections into the public sector, startup marketing and exposure, and hiring guidance that entrepreneurs would have difficulties attaining on their own. So when someone graduates from the Lassonde Institute, they are likely also graduating with a viable company that has a much higher likelihood to succeed.”

Tara Spalding, managing director, BoomStartup Accelerator

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