The Sinners We Are

Alexis Rausch, a fine arts student at the University of Utah, is bringing elements of psychology into her art in order to emphasize the beauty that can be found in ugly concepts. “I make work about the way we consume violence and violent media as a society, and what role we play as perpetrators or victims within the larger scheme,” she said.

Rausch’s art explores the physiological impact in humans when viewing violence versus experiencing other types of physical intimacy. She utilizes variations of Baker-Miller pink in her pieces, a shade of pink that has a physically calming effect after 15 minutes of exposure. “I’m expressing violent imagery, but I’m removing the violent parts and replacing them with this shade of pink,” she said. Rausch especially uses this technique in her textile art, creating comfort objects out of blankets and clothing, as well as other narratively inherently violent objects.

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