Digital mock-up of the Lassonde Studios, opening Fall 2016.

Themed Floors at Lassonde Studios

Have you heard the residential floors at the Lassonde Studios will have themes? Want to learn more? Then pull up a chair, we have have some stuff to talk about.

The one-of-a-kind building will have four residential floors above the Garage on the first floor. Each will have a unique theme, catering to one of the many strengths at the University of Utah.

The planned themes are:

  1. Sustainability & Global Impact (second floor)
  2. Product Design (third floor)
  3. Adventure & Gear (fourth floor)
  4. Games & Digital Media (fifth floor)

All students are welcome to live in the building. Residents can choose to live on any of the floors. No matter what floor you live on, you can enjoy all the amenities and activities on any of the other floors.

Sustainability & Global Impact floor (architectural rendering)

Sustainability & Global Impact floor (architectural rendering)

The themes will inform everything that happens on each floor. They will inform the colors, furniture, tools, equipment, activities and more.

So, for example, if you’re living in a loft on the Sustainability & Global Impact floor, don’t be surprised to see an organic garden. If you’ve living in a pod on the Games & Digital Media floor, you’ll have plenty of screens to test your latest creation. Or, if you’re in a single room on the Product Design floor, you’ll have access to extra prototyping tools.

All three housing types will be available on every floor.

What floor do you want to live on? Tell us in the comments below.

Learn more about the Lassonde Studios and apply now to live here at:


One thought on “Themed Floors at Lassonde Studios

  1. Living on the Games & Digital Media floor would be a dream come true.

    Being surrounded by that environment would be such a creative and motivating experience!

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