Peke Bou is a student startup selling an innovative diaper bag.

Tips for Entrepreneurs from Peke•Buo Founder

No matter what your circumstances, becoming an entrepreneur is not easy. The hours are long. The future is uncertain. And challenges hit you at every turn. If you want help finding your path to success, it helps to find a good role model … someone like Sariah Tate, one of many female entrepreneurs on the rise.

A graduate of the U’s communication department, Sariah is the mother of three with no formal business training. Yet she teamed with brother-in-law Emrys Tate, a business student, to create Peke•Buo, a company offering a smart, little diaper bag for parents on the go.

After developing their product, Sariah and Emrys entered their prototype into the Lassonde Institute’s Opportunity Quest competition and placed third. Then they organized a successful Kickstarter campaign that reached its $10,000 funding goal in 22 days. They are now well on their way to growing Peke•buo into a profitable, well-known business.

Want to know how you can repeat Sariah’s success? Here are her tips for finding success as an entrepreneur:

  1. “Find your passion.” You are going to spend so much time on your business, you’d better like what you’ll be doing.
  2. “Find the right people.” You can’t do it alone. Find those that can help you and who can support you.
  3. “Don’t be afraid to learn.” As you begin, there will be many things you do not know. Don’t hesitate to find the answers.
  4. “Be grateful.” Sariah is surprised and grateful how smoothly everything has come together. She feels it is important to acknowledge she is not the only one in the picture.
  5. “Let it work through you.” There are certain things you can control and many things you cannot. Let the business develop through you rather than by you. This will allow it to become something better than you could have imagined.

2 thoughts on “Tips for Entrepreneurs from Peke•Buo Founder

  1. Passion is important for every entrepreneur. It is the reason why they keep on going despite the struggles that they face. It is the key that will lead them to business success.

  2. Finding the right people is a great help to business success. They will become your support system that will help your business grow and increase your professional growth. Working harmoniously is the key to it.

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