Past Winners


Zions Cash Prize Awards:

  • Grand Prize Award ($40,000): RubiLife
  • Best Speed Pitch Award ($1,000): Portal Power
  • Best Tabling Award ($1,000): Cedar Sports
  • Emerging Entrepreneur Awards ($1,000): Dentium Club & EMJ Medical
  • Online Video Voting People’s Choice Award ($2,500): Cedar Sports
  • Best Presentation Award ($5,000): XLynk Surgical

In-Kind Awards:

  • Stoel Rives Best Technology Award: Sunshine Sync
  • Jones Waldo Award: Neiybor, Xlynk, RubiLife, The Gingerbracket Company, Portal Power, Sunshine Sync, PerkNow, Pleth Patch
  • Espiritu Best Design Award: XLynk
  • Deloitte Services Award: Neiybor, Xlynk, RubiLife, The Gingerbracket Company, Portal Power, Sunshine Sync, PerkNow, Pleth Patch
  • Silicon Slopes Publicity Award: RubiLife
  • Impact Hub Award: PerkNow, Pleth Patch, Sunshine Sync
  • Jive Phone Services: Cedar Sports, Neiybor, Dentium Club

Cash Prizes:

  • The Actium Bootstrap Award ($1,000): Gingerbracket Company
  • The Jones Waldo Best Video Award ($1,000): RubiLife
  • The Payzang Excellence in innovation ($1,000): Pleth Patch


  • Grand Prize Winner, $40,000 (Zions Bank) – Through the Cords, LLC
  • Best Presentation, $5,000 (Zions Bank) – Latitude
  • People’s Choice Award, $2,500 (Zions) – passportXpress
  • Emerging Entrepreneur Award, $1,000 (Zions Bank) – Aura Optics
  • Emerging Entrepreneur Award, $1,000 (Zions Bank) – RetiOS
  • Best Tabling Award, $1,000 (Zions Bank) – passportXpress
  • Best Speed Pitch Award, $1,000 (Zions Bank) – SenseTech
  • Best Video Award, $1,000 (Jones Waldo) – Whistic
  • Bootstrap Award, $1,000 (Actium Partners) – SenseTech
  • Best Technology Award, $2,500 (Stoel Rives) – SenseTech
  • Deloitte in-kind Grand Prize Award, $3,000 (Deloitte) – Through the Cords, LLC
  • In-kind financial services to top-8 teams, $1,000 (Deloitte) – Through the Cords, LLC, Milky Hollow Farms, Latitude, Whistic, Conversature, Red Barn Collections, HOA Cloud, SenseTech
  • Business Incubator in-kind award, $1,000 (Impact Hub) – SenseTech, Red Barn Collections
  • Full branding package, $11,000 (Mint Think, Inc.) – RetiOS
  • Legal Services to top-8 teams, $1,000 (Jones Waldo) – Through the Cords, LLC, Milky Hollow Farms, Lattitude, Whistic, Conversature, Red Barn Collections, HOA Cloud, SenseTech
  • Best Product Design Award, $2,000 (Espiritu Design) – Sybo Technology
  • Startup Publicity Award, $2,000 (Beehive Startup) – Red Barn Collections


  • Grand Prize ($40,000, sponsored by Zions Bank) – SimpleCitizen, Brigham Young University.
  • Best Presentation ($5,000, sponsored by Zions Bank) – KiLife Tech, Brigham Young University.
  • Best Tabling ($1,000, sponsored by Zions Bank) – KiLife Tech, Brigham Young University.
  • Emerging Entrepreneur ($1,000, sponsored by Zions Bank) – LuerLite, University of Utah.
  • Emerging Entrepreneur ($1,000, sponsored by Zions Bank) – Paper Trail, Brigham Young University.
  • Best Speed Pitch ($1,000, sponsored by Zions Bank) – KiLife Tech, Brigham Young University.
  • Best Video ($2,500, sponsored by Zions Bank) – KiLife Tech, Brigham Young University.
  • People’s Choice Award, Video ($1,000, sponsored by USTAR) – Accidental Gentleman, Dixie State University.
  • Best Technology ($5,000, sponsored by Stoel Rives) – Align Skate Decks, Utah State University.
  • Deloitte Services Prize ($3,000 in-kind, sponsored by Deloitte) – SimpleCitizen, Brigham Young University.
  • Best Product ($1,000, sponsored by Flint Design) – KiLife Tech, Brigham Young University.
  • Social Impact Award ($1,000 in-kind, sponsored by Impact Hub) – Align Skate Decks, Rental On Me, SimpleCitizen, Urban Yield.
  • Beehive Startup Award (in-kind, sponsored by Beehive Startups) – Align Skate Decks.
  • Top-20 Award ($500 each, sponsored by Zions Bank) – See list below.
  • Top-8 Award ($1,000, sponsored by Zions Bank; $1,000 each in-kind, sponsored by Deloitte) – Align Skate Decks, Blyncy, KiLife Tech, Light Line Catheter, S3 Innovative Glaucoma Solutions, Scott Composites, SimpleCitizen, Urban Yield.
  • Bootstrap Award ($2,500, sponsored by Actium Partners) – Align Skate Decks.


  • Grand Prize ($40,000 from Zions Bank) – Cowboy Kolaches, Brigham Young University – developed a machine to mass produce kolaches (slightly sweet, buttery pastries that are stuffed) for distribution to food retailers.
  • Best Written Business Plan ($5,000 from Zions Bank) –, University of Utah – a telemedicine tool that is HIPA compliant, free, easily customizable and simple to use.
  • Best Presentation ($5,000 from Zions Bank) — nanoKeys, Utah State University — a company working to provide for various keys to be scanned digitally and then resized to all fit in a small, sleek device.
  • Best Technology ($2,500 from Stoel Rives) — 6S Medical, University of Utah — an improved fascial closing device for laparoscopic surgery.
  • People’s Choice Video Award ($1,000 from Dun and Bradstreet Credibility Corp.) – nanoKeys.
  • Incubator Award (in-kind services from Really Epic Ventures) — Alterniity GmbH, University of Utah — a virtual-gaming solution that incorporates both physical and cognitive training to prevent the onset and effects of Alzheimer’s.
  • Best Bootstrap ($1,500 from Actium Partners) – AeroGym Fitness System, Utah State University – a portable fitness device that uses elastic bands and weights.
  • Best Speed Pitch, tie ($250) — Cowboy Kolaches.
  • Best Speed Pitch, tie ($250) — Veritas Medical, University of Utah — a laser device that uses light to disinfect medical catheters.
  • Best Tabling Award ($500) — nanoKeys.


  • Grand Prize, $40,000: Owlet Baby Monitors (BYU) provides a non-invasive infant monitoring system designed to prevent sudden infant death syndrome.
  • Best Written Business Plan, $5,000: Daakye (Westminster College) sells purses to generate funding to help African children receive an elementary education.
  • Best Presentation, $5,000: FiberFix (BYU) is a low-cost, permanent repair tape inspired by casts doctors used to mend broken bones.
  • Best Technology (tie): SonoMargin (U) provides an analytical tool that allows doctors to ensure they have removed all cancerous tissues when excising breast tumors.
  • Best Technology (tie): iTest (U) is a mobile pathogen testing device designed to interface with any smart phone to deliver quick and accurate results to the user.
  • Best Video: LIYEN, Inc. (Westminster College) produces its SLYDER asthma inhaler spacing device, which is more portable and aesthetically appealing than traditional spacers.
  • People’s Choice Award: FiberFix (BYU)
  • Best Bootstrap: Buchanan’s Pancake and Waffle Mix (LDSBC) offers a pre-packaged mix of the traditional Buchanan’s pancake and waffle recipe.
  • Speed pitch Winner: FiberFix (BYU)
  • Tabling Event Winner: SonoMargin (U)


  • Grand Prize: Active Alarm
  • Best Speed Pitch: Power Practical
  • Clean Energy Award: Power Practical


  • Grand Prize: Event Espresso – University Of Utah
  • Best Written Business Plan: Massox – Westminster College
  • Best Presentation: Bluecache  – Utah State University
  • Best Technology: Monitus Medical – University Of Utah
  • Best Speed Pitch: Bluecache  – Utah State University


  • Grand Prize: Short Solutions
  • Runner-up: Veristride
  • Runner-up: Pudendal Neural Systems
  • Speed Pitch: CupAd



  • Grand Prize: AmWell
  • Runner-up: Klymit
  • Runner-up: EnergyTap