Nandini is a UROP student leader at the University of Utah.

UROP Student Leaders on Research

No matter what discipline students belong to, research is for them. It can really help and inspire undergraduate experience, or just being a student. UROP [the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program] funds research in just about every discipline you can possibly think of. – Nadini Deo

Being at the U facilitates research you wouldn’t find elsewhere. Peer participation adds a new aspect that’s beneficial, so students can see research is doable. Research has been one of my top-three most meaningful experiences during my undergraduate career. It’s given me extra depth. – James Newton

Everyone benefits from research. It usually starts with, ‘I have no idea how to do research.’ The strongest part of my application to med school has been the research I’ve been a part of. I sit down with my research mentor once a week and trade ideas with a world-class researcher. – Scott Anjeweirden

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