President Pershing, president of the University of Utah, welcomes freshman students to a new semester.

Welcome from the President

In every corner of campus, across many disciplines, students from different backgrounds are applying what they are learning and finding answers to questions they only imagined, sharing ideas and collaborating with their peers, professors and professionals to create and innovate. There is no doubt the University of Utah offers excellence in classroom education, but the amazing opportunities students are given to put their knowledge to work is the reason we are proud to describe ourselves as “Imagine U.” It’s a place where students can imagine the possibilities, then make them a reality. Inside this publication, you will find the stories of just a few of the many students making a difference by seizing their dreams. They include students who are designing products for those with disabilities, developing important phone apps, driving conversations about difficult topics and creating educational video games. You will also learn about exciting new initiatives like the Lassonde Studios, a new home for student entrepreneurs and innovators. Join us in celebrating what these students have accomplished. Spread the word. Get involved. Imagine.

David Pershing, President of the University of Utah

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