What Does it Mean to be an Entrepreneur?

Famous people such as Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, and Caterina Fake represent what a successful entrepreneur can become. As college students we strive to achieve this kind of success, but what does this mean for you? Students at the University of Utah have produced many campaigns, ideas, and became entrepreneurs. We interviewed some of them to find out it means to be an entrepreneur. Here is what they had to say:

“Being independent and developing something new.”

— Omar Otero, computer engineering major

“Entrepreneurship is the creation, innovation, taking great risks to design new concepts that can be helpful to the world.”

— Ren Ling, computer science major

“Entrepreneurship is creating value for other people through unique solutions. Its fun to take what people do not like doing and making it useful and easier for them.”

— Carson Young, finance major

“Entrepreneurship has shown me how capable everyone can be at creating a product from nothing is one of the coolest things you can do here as an entrepreneur. Being able to do this through Lassonde is great because we have been able to get funded to launch our company Foam.”

— Kyle Boast, information systems an business administration major

“Entrepreneurship means to do. You jump in with your idea and go with it. If you fail, you get back up. It’s the resilience to be able to not give up and keep pushing that makes you an entrepreneur”

— Laurbong Gai, marketing major

“Entrepreneurship is to have a goal in mind that gives you that aspiration to commit to what you want to achieve.”

— Nick Quinn, games major

“Entrepreneurship is an art and a science. Practice makes perfect doesn’t apply to this field due to it not evolving. Entrepreneurship is the art of identifying problems and find the correct solution to help those that need it.”

— Jared Collett, entrepreneurship major

“Entrepreneurship is figuring out how your product will do to your targeted audience and run several trials in order to generate a positive outcome.”

— Nick Burum, games major


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