Company Launch 2017-18

2017-18 Company Launch Startups in Residence

Here’s a look at the 2017-18 startups in the Company Launch space (in alphabetical order):

BitStreet — Creating cryptocurrency trading bots defined by various strategies and parameters.

Blerp — Making audio clips as fun, shareable and viral as GIFs by creating the world’s best soundboard.

Bushwhack — An outdoor lifestyle brand in pursuit of creating adaptive gear to push the limits of adventure.

Celebrate Everyday — Celebrate Everyday is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that lends prom and wedding dresses to girls across Utah for free.

CleanFare — A mobile app dedicated to improving our health, environment and community by encouraging and rewarding use of alternative transportation.

ColoClean — An alternative colonoscopy prep kit designed to minimize patient discomfort and facilitate a better procedure.

CurieWear — Science-oriented clothing to inspire girls into greaterself-expressionn.

Decimate Limits — Performance-based company focused on breaking life’s limitations through their products and innovations.

EasyVerify — Instant income and employment verification for lenders, property managers and employers.

Evoke Education-technology company focused on helping teachers effectively model behavior and implement research-based behavior management strategies.

Foster the Children — Benefit corporation dedicated to raising funds for children in foster care through marketing their designs on apparel with proceeds going back to the children.

GiVR — A company dedicated to helping patients with autism spectrum disorder develop their communication skills by simulating social situations using our virtual-reality therapy method.

Grace Foundry Grace Foundry is an indie game studio, founded by five entrepreneurs and friends, which develops and publishes VR/AR games and 360 music videos.

Index, LLC — Index allows users to share their phone number, email and all of their social media through a single QR code that is generated automatically by the app.

Item Rescue — A cloud-based, lost-and-found management system for hotels to generate quality reviews, save time and increase guest satisfaction.

LIT Outdoors —  LIT Outdoors is an outdoor company with a portable hammock tent that doesn’t require trees, allowing people to be free to explore without limits.

Luku Watches — Luku Watches is a watch company bringing a unique approach to the industry.  Their proprietary snapback design brings a fresh new feel to their minimalist watches.

MounTins — MounTins mission is to promote local restaurants and business that contribute to the ski-town culture and community by providing consumer incentives.

Myka — Myka is a telemedicine solution for at-home fetal monitoring. They virtually connect expecting mothers to their physicians to facilitate prenatal care from anywhere.

Off the Frame Photography — Off The Frame Photography is dedicated to providing a unique and genuine photo experience. Specializing in portrait photography, Off The Frame’s goal is to make every client feel incredible and comfortable in front of the camera.

Portal Power — Simplifying the way you charge.

Project Embrace — An international medical non-profit organization dedicated to reducing global health inequalities and the promotion of sustainable global healthcare.

Roots Roots is a non-profit organization that looks to solve the problems of prison rehabilitation through literacy.

Ruah  Ruah helps small retailers and small manufacturers discover each other and manage those relationships as they scale. The platform’s format is a social network, like Facebook, but it is designed for stores. Key features include product discovery, store discovery, purchase orders and invoices.

SHERO  An American hygiene company that believes in bridging the gap between sustainability and quality in personal products, de-stigmatizing bodily functions, implementing manufacturing and distribution programs that eliminate harmful byproducts, and supporting women in developing countries, all to inspire healthier and more sustainable communities at home and abroad.

Situ — Situ is a consulting firm dedicated to auditing outdoor textile companies for waste material, then expanding their SKU’s with new product created from that waste.

Sole Case Displays — At Sole Case, we believe in being a trusted brand that creates elegant products while inspiring positivity in others.  Our mission is to be the leading provider of premium footwear displays and create a brand that positively contributes to fashion and society as a whole.

The Society — The Society is a large community of foodies and nightlife enthusiasts that are granted a lifetime of unique perks and rewards at the best local restaurants, bars, and nightlife venues in Utah, Boise, Reno, Phoenix and Tucson.

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