2018-19 Company Launch Startup Teams

Here’s a look at the 2018-19 startups in the Company Launch space (in alphabetical order):

Aid Me — Aid Me is a non-profit company that focuses on creating value between the hospital and patient by using a cost-sharing approach to help patients in need pay for their medical bills.

Bushwhack —  Bushwhack is an outdoor equipment company currently working on a design called the TIO Tent, a revolutionary tent that combines a hammock, a tent and a chair all into one unit!

CleanFare ­— A mobile app dedicated to improving our health, environment and community by encouraging and rewarding use of alternative transportation. cleanfareapp.com

Clockwork Forge Games — The Clockwork Forge Games team is challenging themselves to create innovative and enjoyable video games.

ColoClean, LLC ­— ColoClean is an alternative colonoscopy preparation kit. It wants to help eliminate the risk of colon cancer by providing an alternative prep that minimizes patient discomfort and facilitates a better procedure. coloclean.info

ExploreWell — ExploreWell is dedicated to your wellness by matching you with your ideal fitness instructor.

Gear Hold Technologies, LLC — Gear Hold Technologies provides computer-aided design services for industrial machinery companies to complete their high priority, high load, stagnate and/or stalled CAD projects. gearholdtechnologies.com

Holy Crepe — Holy Crepe is the first crepe-on-a-skewer. It offers delicious, savory and sweet crepes with fresh and natural juice to accompany.

MounTins ­— Good eats are what MounTins stands for. But in a booming ski town like Park City, it is often difficult to find that new favorite restaurant. MounTins is here to spice up the dining experience by creating unique incentives for customers to try new and promote the fine locally owned and operated establishments Park City has to offer. moun-tins.com

NipaYe — NipaYe is a mother’s company currently working on a nursing aid that supports and encourages long-term breastfeeding through the promotion of natural milk production. nipaye.com

NIXE — NIXE is the eco-conscience intersection of fashion and sustainability. Delivering the functionality you need with the look you secretly want. UT Born. LA Made. nixe.co

PATCH — PATCH is dedicated to reducing waste caused by the fashion industry by providing a modern and inexpensive alternative to refurbishing clothes. It helps repair the clothes you love and gives purpose to the ones you don’t.

PLURR Pact — PLURR Pack is expanding the modular backpack market for children and adults alike by providing an economic, consumable and interactive product that adapts to life’s never-ending transitions and everyday activities.

Project Embrace — Project Embrace is an international medical non-profit organization dedicated to reducing global health inequalities and the promotion of sustainable global healthcare. It does this through the reuse and repurposing of medical devices collected in the United States for developing clinics in low and middle-income communities abroad. projectembrace.org

Scrap — Imagine a social platform that connects businesses in need of recycled materials to businesses that havean excess of those materials and vice versa. Scrap is the collaboration point for business-to-business material sourcing solutions, all while encouraging sustainability within companies and spearheading the green movement. scrappapp1.wixsite.com/mysite

SecondSole — SecondSole aims to eliminate the problem of one shoe wearing down faster than the other while skateboarding and foot-braking. Its product is a sleek cover for the bottom of your braking foot that keeps your shoes in the perfect condition they were when you first bought them.

Sit Up — A company developing an air-filled, adjustable via remote control bed pad that can lift and lower a person while they’re laying in bed. The product is designed to increase the end user’s comfort while making everyday tasks easier for caregivers.

White Water Swimwear — Designer swimwear line with simple, fashion-forward styles, made with luxurious fabrics. Designed in Los Angeles. Made in Bali. whitewaterswimwear.com

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