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7 Startups Receive Get Seeded Grants in October

During a special Halloween-themed pitch event, seven startups received grants through the Get Seeded monthly grant program. Ten teams participated in the pitch event, some dressed up for the event. The program is managed by students at the Lassonde Entrepreneur Institute and sponsored by Zions Bank. Here are the teams that received funding, the amounts and the purpose of the grants:

Weg’s Seasoning – $970 (grant amount) – Marketing (purpose)

Inspired by the legendary cuisine of his grandfather Wegland, Nate Finch, a current MBA student at the David Eccles School of Business, has developed a line of all natural spices to encourage everyone to connect through cooking. Look for his product on your local store’s shelves, coming soon! Get cooking at

Sonoshield – $2,000 – Prototyping

Anyone who has dropped their phone can relate to the anguish of a cracked screen. However, when doctors drop an ultrasound device, it can cost up to $10,000 to repair or replace. Not anymore with Sonoshield, the Otterbox of ultrasound devices, improving bedside manner one drop at a time.

Rugged Components – $2,000 – Product Development

Evan DeGray, a current Multidisciplinary Design student, learned a painful lesson after mountain biking with tools in his pocket led to a wrench-shaped bruise on his thigh. Realizing the bike fork tube had unused real estate, he set off to create a set of tools that could fit inside this space, eliminating the need to carry them. Check them out at

Torch – $435 – Prototyping

Daelin Aryney and Ryan Holbrook – majoring in Multidisciplinary Design, and English and economics, respectively – have a burning desire to help fellow campers stay warm in inclement weather. Torch can get the fire started no matter the situation, and with a built-in flashlight and tinder maker, it’s an all-in-one solution to your infernal woes of starting a campfire. Get stoked at

Bruxit – $1,500 – Prototyping

Bruxism is excessive teeth grinding or jaw clenching, and can lead to serious dental damage. Devices on the market can help prevent the effects of Bruxism, but none go as far as Bruxit, which aims to eliminate the root cause through Pavlovian response training. Learn more at

Luku Watches – $2,000 – Final Prototype

Luku is making some noise bringing the snapback back featuring a wristwatch, so jump around! If you’re looking for a little 90’s ice but want to keep it on the down low, look no further than Luku’s snapback watches. Ten percent of sales go to funding student art programs in underfunded urban cities. The choice is yours at

Skiboo – $706.27 – Prototyping

Skiing and snowboarding comes with a bigger cost than the price of a lift ticket. The materials used to build skis, namely carbon fiber and fiberglass, can damage the environment and are known animal carcinogens. Sam Lagoy, a freshman studying entrepreneurship, is replacing those harmful materials while maintaining strength and durability with all-natural bamboo fiber. Find out more at

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