7 Teams Receive Get Seeded Grants in November

Seven student startup teams received milestone grants at the Get Seeded Final Pitch Event on Nov. 27 at Lassonde Studios. See below for a list of teams and their product ideas. Get Seeded is a monthly milestone grant funding program open to all college students in Utah. The first step is to apply online. Top teams advance to the Final Pitch Event, where they pitch to an audience that votes on who gets funded. Learn more and apply for the next funding opportunity here: lassonde.utah.edu/getseeded.

Oncological Surgical Drain – $1,300 (Grant Amount) – Prototyping (Purpose)

Hannah Butcher and Michael Kane, current MBA students at the David Eccles School of Business, have set out to make life easier for cancer patients that require lymph drainage. Their product will make life more comfortable for patients by creating a device with concealability, suction and hydrophobicity.

Limosa – $2,000 – Prototyping

Limosa Systems is working on automated hydroponic systems for people to grow produce anywhere, anytime and in any condition. This award will go to prototyping configuration, environmental controllers, and custom LED systems.

Bushwhack – $600 – Prototyping

It’s a chair! It’s a tent! It’s a hammock! No, it’s Bushwhack all in one tent-chair-hammock. Designed for backpackers and hikers, this product will be whatever you need it to be, whenever you need it.

Audiowave – $1,400 – Product Development

If you were born in the 90’s you probably remember Windows Media Player’s audio visualizer. Now you can do that in virtual reality with Audiowave’s awesome sound visualizer. This grant will pump up their product to maximize the user experience. Learn more at thegracefoundry.com.

Thrive – $400 – Marketing

Thrive is working to provide convenient, affordable and sustainable ways for people to get their produce. Through their marketing milestone they hope to learn whether people would use an app to share produce, or if they are more likely to purchase a thriveBOX.

Space Garden – $2,000 – Prototyping

Mason Newitt believes more people would grow their own produce if they had the opportunity. Space Garden wants you to grow plants more efficiently in a smaller space. This award will go to build production prototypes for the climate controller and water conditioner. Find out more at elementagriculture.com.

Frog Dental Pads – $355.64

Fill in the blank: “I hate when I drop my ____”. If you answered dentures, Frog has a product for you! Not many people consider the cost, but dropping a pair of dentures can be more than dropping two iPhone X’s. Frog is developing a product that has dentists and dental hygienists excited.

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