Lassonde Entrepreneur Institute

$700,000 in Scholarships Available to University of Utah Students

Are you a current or incoming student at the University of Utah and looking for scholarships or leadership opportunities? The Lassonde Entrepreneur Institute is ran by students for students. Students can gain experiences through leadership and gain a scholarship at the same time. Lassonde provides up to $700,000 annually towards scholarships for students.

Becoming a Lassonde student leader is also a great way to learn and practice your entrepreneurial and professional skills. Josh Martin, a student leader and chair of the Lassonde Make program said, “The experiences I have had as a student leader will propel me further in my career than any other college experience.”

Below are some commonly asked questions about Lassonde student leadership opportunities.

Learn more about all of these opportunities and apply online here:

How much and when do you accept applications?

Student leadership scholarships range from $500-$10,000. All incoming and current University of Utah students can apply. The priority application date for the 2020-21 academic year is Jan. 15, 2020. But students can apply at any time, and applications will be considered whenever opportunities are available.

Why should I be a student leader at Lassonde?

Become a student leader at Lassonde is a way to develop your leadership skills and become involved on campus.

Cameron Stack, an associate of the Cowork program explained how his leadership skills have grown. “Being involved with Lassonde has helped me grow my leadership skills and share my passion for entrepreneurship,” he said.

Ainu Kaufusi, a residential advisor, encourages students to apply based on her experience. “Becoming a student leader has opened doors of opportunities and has become a home for me,” she said. “I have been able to grow my personal and professional skills. Future students should apply because the Lassonde community is filled with high-achieving leaders.”

What are the Different Scholarship Opportunities at Lassonde?

Become a Lassonde student chair, director, or associate

Within these roles, student leaders will organize events and programs that help U students from across campus learn the entrepreneurial mindset. There are student leadership roles for: Arts Entrepreneur, Company Launch, CoWork, Food Entrepreneur, Get Seeded, High School Utah Entrepreneur Series, Hours with Experts, Lassonde 400 Residential, Make, Meetups, Workshops, Utah Entrepreneur Challenge, and more.

As a director of the Meetups program, Rosario Bibiano mentioned how being a leader has benefited her: “I am encouraged to practice the entrepreneurial mindset as I decide where to allocate the budget, brainstorm ideas, and facilitate activities within the program I am overseeing.”

Are you interested in marketing or communications?

We are always looking for creatives to join our team that have experience in writing, photography, design, and more. Positions range from paid freelance to year-long scholarships.

Looking for an on-campus part-time job at the U of U?

Come work with a fun group of students as a Lassonde Studios front desk assistant. In this role you will help all guests of Lassonde Studios and provide 24/7 support.

If you are a graduate student, we have positions for you as well.

The Lassonde New Venture Development Center provides an opportunity for graduate students to work side-by-side with faculty inventors, giving them with business advice and strategic planning to bring their product into the marketplace.

Are you a Lassonde Studios resident?

Become involved and help plan activities and programs throughout the residential facility.

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