Lassonde Studios

8 Reasons to Live at Lassonde Studios

1. Join the Lassonde 400

Residents at Lassonde Studios join the Lassonde 400 group of student entrepreneurs, makers and doers.

2. Create Your Own Entrepreneurial Internship

Build your resume and life experience by living and working at Lassonde Studios.

3. Get Additional Access

Students living at Lassonde Studios get more access to tools, programs and resources.

4. Live with a Diverse Group

Get more from your education by living and working with students who have diverse backgrounds and are studying many different topics.

5. Dive in Deep

Soak up everything the Lassonde Institute has to offer by living at Lassonde Studios, a one-of-a-kind facility and community.

6. Live Your Passion

Join a group of students who do what they love every minute of every day. Find what you love and make it happen!

7. Be Close to Everything

Lassonde Studios sits in the heart of campus and everything it has to offer — from classes and facilities to resources and events.

8. Increase Your Chances for Success

Students who live on campus are more likely to graduate and succeed.

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